We love being part of the New York Pizza Community!
We hope to see you at one of these amazing and fun events!

The NYC Pizza Run is a challenge in which participants aim to complete a 5K run while stopping to eat two slices of pizza at checkpoints throughout the course.



Experience the best pizza in New York City as you maneuver across the five boros without using a car.

The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge is the ultimate test of urban navigation ingenuity and gastrointestinal fortitude. And all for a great cause.
Slice Out Hunger produces pizza-related events and campaigns to support American hunger relief and prevention initiatives.
If you agree it's better to give than receive then this is or you. The Giftzza Family Scavenger Hunt works like this: Each family of four gets an empty box, a scavenger hunt map and four Gratitude capes. You solve the clues, find the participating stores (all in a 20 block zone in the Upper East Side) and fill up the box. At the finish line, each team will show its gratitude by dedicating their hard-earned goodies to someone else.